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January 29, 2015

DIY AVR Function Generator

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DIY AVR Function Generator


The Big One built this DIY AVR Function Generator, it is housed in a nice looking Hickory enclosure, has some buttons for adjustments and a 16×2 text LCD as a display. He is also working on a power supply that will be housed in the same enclosure type. 

“What this function generator can do: 

  • Generate square waves at up to 10MHz, either directly output from an AVR’s pin, or buffered via an op amp (the slew rate of the op amp will determine the upper limit of the square wave output). The square wave output is in the range 0 – 5v.
  • Generate a number of sampled waveforms from between 2.56kHz and 10Hz (in 10Hz increments). Sampled waveforms include Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth (up and down), Staircase (up and down), and Square. These waveforms are output in (user selectable) 0 – 5v or -5 – 5v range.
  • Generate a PWM signal appropriate for controlling hobby servos. The user selects a PWM phase between 500us and 2540us., with a set period of 20000us.”


DIY AVR Function Generator_2



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