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January 26, 2015

Heat Reclamation Chimney

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Ben shows us how he built a mock up of a Heat Reclamation Chimney. The idea is to capture some of the heat that exits through the chimney. When you have a look at a hot water tank or furnace that is basically what those devices are doing. Normally there is a heat source at the bottom and exits from the top, the rising heat passes through pipes that are filled with water to extract the heat. Ben has a much simpler system, he is using an increased exterior surface area brick. There is then an air space created around the chimney where a variable amount of air can be pulled out of into the room. There are some other people experimenting with this concept like Stasys Blazonis with his Chimney Heat Exchanger Project. Another area that is gaining in popularity is waste water heat recovery.



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4 Responses to “Heat Reclamation Chimney”

  1. Ty Tower Says:

    Alan -Best to warn people first. Click on link and get stuck in a loop site where you are asked to register first and if you dont you get a list of videos you can’t open without the pop up again etc etc and hit back and it won’t let you leave.

    Not Good Alan

    The video you include works OK but is pretty damn lengthy and FYI the idea has been in use in Australia for 40 years that I know of . In Canberra where it is cold they build in steel grates under the fire which run up the insides of brick fireplaces with vents out the sides at ceiling height . Works well

  2. Ty Tower Says:

    Looking around I am told the build in brick units called “Heatilators” used to be available but have not found one yet . The steel type are common though like this one http://woodburnfireplace.com/heatilator-efficiency/

    There is also the hollow tube hearths that the fire sits in . They draw cold air in at the bottom and it comes out hot at the top.

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Ty,

    Thanks for the info. Which link are you talking about? Is it the Element 14 one? If it is I might not be having this issue since it auto logs me in.

  4. Ty Tower Says:

    Thats the one . Probably OK if your registered otherwise it give you the treatment. Not going back to try it again

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