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January 16, 2015

Antarctica Arduino Instrument Cooling Project

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  Antarctica Arduino Instrument Cooling Project_2


If you thought the Arduino was just for DIY projects have a look at this Antarctica Arduino Instrument Cooling Project. Isn’t it strange that in a place that only ever warms up to -25C that you would need to ever worry about keeping equipment cool? Well the issue is that the equipment is in an area with people and we like to have things a bit warmer than that. The dry air hinders the equipment shedding their heat as designed so a little bit of extra cooling is needed. Luckily cold air is always available, using a small pipe, cold air is sucked with a small fan into the equipment bay. The Arduino keeps track of how much cooling is needed and regulates everything automatically. The code is available but I am not sure how many people have a year round supply of cold air.



Antarctica Arduino Instrument Cooling Project


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