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January 11, 2015

PCB Printer

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PCB Printer


You thought that the new ease of getting cheap prototype PCBs made from companies like Seeed was revolutionary, how about a cheap machine that can allow you to print it at home? Looks like Voltera could help speed up prototyping (at least for SMD boards).

Via: Adafruit and Make


“Circuit Board Printer

Print dual layer PCBs on FR4 with 10mil space/trace. Our 20mΩ/sq sheet resistance and conventional soldering makes prototyping a breeze

 Solder Paste Dispenser

Forget stencils. Pop your board in and dispense solder paste onto printed OR traditionally fabbed boards

 Reflow Capabilities

With a 550W heater watch your components reflow and skip the hassle of hand soldering altogether.”



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One Response to “PCB Printer”

  1. Max Says:

    Seems to be something oriented towards business customers, which means it’ll be around the $5000 mark (with the ink refill at another $5000. Of course.) even if the part cost is around $200-300. But if so, DIY-ers will have little use for it…

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