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January 7, 2015

Roost – Smart Battery

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Everything is getting “smarter”, how many things are now “connected”? You can add the simple 9 volt battery to the list of connected devices. The Roost is a wifi connected battery that is the same form factor as a 9 volt battery, it connects to your wifi router in your home to allow it to send out notifications. It has the ability to let you know when the battery is low and also when the smoke detector is going off. Since this device is simply able to be inserted in your existing smoke alarms I am thinking that it must be looking for a current draw change when the smoke alarm is in alarm (making noise).



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4 Responses to “Roost – Smart Battery”

  1. nate Says:

    I think it would be less stupid to make a smart detector instead…. I mean the battery is going to have to be replaced when it’s empty…. thus a smart detector with a dumb battery would cost less for an end user after a while…

  2. Ingo Says:

    Wow, one more part of the wifi infrastructure to be maintained.
    OS compatibility and wifi standard issues now also on the smoke detector BATTERY.
    I wonder which of those issues will kill the device before the estimated battery lifetime.

  3. Ingo Says:

    Wow, one more part of the wifi infrastructure to be maintained.
    I wonder what will kill the device, battery lifetime, OS compatibility or wifi standard issues.
    A waste of resources in my eyes…

  4. Tony Says:

    As Nate says, who’s going to replace an expensive smart battery with another expensive smart battery?

    Not me.

    Many smoke detectors would be lucky to get the battery replaced at all.

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