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November 24, 2014

Color Tracking Hexapod

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Check out this Color Tracking Hexapod by in the Robot Shop Forum. The thing is a bit creepy! Not sure if there is a difference in programming but to me the first video looks like something trying to corner some prey and the second is more like a dog excited and ready to go running for a thrown ball. Nice job David.

“I am using the Pixy Cam to detect a pink object, in this case a pen cap, and move the body accordingly. All the PS2 controller functions work exactly as you’d expect; to enter tracking mode I press the triangle button. I am using a micro atmega 328 to connect and calculate the pan/tilt error of the object we are interested in. The height of the object is also obtained and used to determine how far away the object is.”



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One Response to “Color Tracking Hexapod”

  1. Ty Tower Says:

    This is just frighteningly stunning. I saw another , here I think, that tracked infa-red and combined we have a Terminator style robot ready to eat you up. Every man for himself stuff!

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