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November 15, 2014

Shoulder Mounted Arduino Controlled Skull

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Shoulder Mounted Arduino Controlled Skull


Steven from Rimstar.org built an interesting spooky Halloween skull to scare anyone who walks by. The video below goes through the construction details.

“Two heads on a body are scarier than one so for halloween I mounted an Arduino controlled skull on my shoulder with the electronics in a backpack and a hand controller hidden in my hand with the cable running down my sleeve. The jaw opens, the eyes light up and it makes a scary sound.

The biggest issue I ran into was getting a sound synthesis that could be done by the Arduino while still using a servo. Most sound libraries I found either conflicted with the servo library or required use of an abstraction layer.

Luckily the Arduino comes with a tone() function that uses simple PWM to make an 8-bit type sound that did the job while not conflicting the the servo library.”



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One Response to “Shoulder Mounted Arduino Controlled Skull”

  1. Dusti Says:

    That was genius how you figured out what resistors to use. I never could figure that part out before.

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