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November 9, 2014

DIY Clothespin Piano for the iPad

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DIY Clothespin Piano for the iPad


 This DIY Clothespin Piano is a fun project by from fiddlewax that will give you small physical piano keys to let you play songs on your iPad without tapping the screen with your fingers.

“Touchscreens are great, but when it comes to playing music on them, the lack of physical keys can be a drag. So I decided to round up some household stuff and make a piano keyboard that tricks the iPad into thinking it’s being played by your fingers (with the help of some clothespins and aluminum foil)! It’s quite easy to make a capacitive piano interface, and all told it cost me less than $5. All you need is some wooden clothespins, foil, markers, tape, rubber bands, stiff cardboard, and some patience to cut and piece it all together.”



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