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October 26, 2014

Classic NES played using a Kinect

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Tired of using a pesky remote control to play your video games? Paul DeCarlo used a Kinect sensor and some other bits and pieces to allow you to interface with some old video games!


  • An NES console with game to test
  • An NES controller OR some wiring skills and a CD4021BE 8-bit shift register
  • 12 strands of wire, recommend Kynar
  • 8 1k resistors (technically any value from 1k to 50k should suffice)
  • 2 3.6k resistors (again higher not necessarily bad)
  • IoT board capable of running Firmata, Intel Galileo or Arudio Uno etc.
  • Kinect V2 Sensor for Windows OR recently announced Kinect V2 Adapter and existing Xbox One Kinect Sensor
  • Machine capable of running the Kinect V2 SDK




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