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October 10, 2014

U.S. Navy Autonomous Swarm Robot Boat

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U.S. Navy Autonomous Swarm Robot Boat


The U.S. Navy is developing Autonomous Swarm Robot Boats. These boats are outfitted with Control Architecture for Robotic Agent Command and Sensing (CARACaS), this technology was developed by NASA for the Mars rover. 

“Navy researchers installed the system on regular 7-foot and 11-foot boats and put them through a series of exercises designed to test behaviors such as escort and swarming attack. The boats escorted a manned Navy ship before breaking off to encircle a vessel acting as a possible intruder. The five autonomous boats then formed a protective line between the intruder and the ship they were protecting.”





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One Response to “U.S. Navy Autonomous Swarm Robot Boat”

  1. Steven Says:

    Drones are taking our waterways by storm now … the automation revolution rolls on!

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