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September 25, 2014

Hacked Ericsson Cell Phone and Arduino Remote Control System

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Kostas Kokoras built a Hacked Ericsson Cell Phone and Arduino Remote Control System. Kostas broke out the Ericsson T65 cell phone serial port to allow him to connect it to the Arduino, nice of the Ericsson engineers to give us a usable serial port that is easy to access! The system looks for specific phone numbers and a certain number of rings to perform functions, this is a great idea since there would be no phone usage billing if the phone is just rung and no connection is made.


Ericsson T65 Pinouts

Name Direction Description
1 ATMS Audio to mobile
2 AFMS/RTS Audio from mobile/RTS (connected to GND in cable?)
3 CTS/ONREQ CTS/Mobile Station On REQuest (connected to GND in cable?)
4 data in Data to mobile (Rx). (Tx for K300i)
5 data out Data from mobile (Tx). (Rx for K300i)
6 ACC in Accessory control to mobile. Used as Rx in some models (i.e. T68) for flashing.
7 ACC out Accessory control from mobile/handsfree sense. Used as Tx in some models (i.e. T68) for flashing.
8 AGND Audio signal ground + 0V reference
9 flash Flash memory voltage + Service (shorted to pin 11 in service cable)
10 DGND Digital ground
11 Vcc DC + for battery charging + External accessory powering


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