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September 9, 2014

Bus Stop Video Game powered by a Raspberry Pi

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 Bus Stop Video Game powered by a Raspberry Pi


If you are tired of waiting in a boring bus shack waiting for your bus I bet you wish the guys from Norwegian Creations pimped your bus shack!

“The system consists of a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie and a (somewhat modified) Makey Makey. Because the controls needs to be available for the users they need to be somewhat environmentally sealed. Therefore, by using a Makey Makey and some aluminium tape, we created a robust and waterproof “touch” panel on the outside of the booth. The WS2812B led strip is controlled by the Makey Makey, and because it’s open source and Arduino compatible it was easy to modify the source code to also control the led strip based on key strokes.”



 Bus Stop Video Game powered by a Raspberry Pi_2


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