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September 9, 2014

Arduino based RGB LED Hard Drive Clock

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Arduino based RGB LED Hard Drive Clock


If you are looking for a new desk clock, look no further than this Arduino based RGB LED Hard Drive Clock.

Via: Dangerous Prototypes


“Used material:

  1. Arduino Uno,
  2. Tiny RTC modul,
  3. ULN 2003,
  4. IR diode and IR transistor (used like a sensor, more details in next steps)
  5. 4 pushbuttons (for controling the clock)
  6. TSOP4838 (allows us to control the clock with remote controler)
  7. Temperature sensor (DS18B20)
  8. RGB led strip
  9. Connectors,
  10. Paper,
  11. And of course and old hard disk with working motor.”



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