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August 27, 2014

ABB Robot made of LEGO

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ABB Robot made of LEGO


Computer engineer Lassee Laussen and software engineer Ken Madsen built this ABB Robot made of LEGO bricks. It was an 8 month build to recreate the complex 6 axis machine. If you are interested in seeing some other interesting projects from Lassee and Ken have a look at Brick It.

“The LEGO version of the IRB 120 is so accurate that it mimics every shape and curve. It also has all 6 axes for the same freedom of movement that the real thing has. Sure, it won’t be moving as quickly as the original or carry the same payloads, but nonetheless it is a pretty spectacular recreation of an industrial robot that finds itself in assembly and pick-and-place operations in factories all over the world.”




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