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August 7, 2014

Voltmeter Clock Project

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Voltmeter Clock Project


If you are into cool clocks have a look at this Voltmeter Clock Project. It is based on the version that I built but has been enhanced with a ton of features such as master clock sync.

“I have used three voltmeters and mounted them on a wooden plinth with a clear Perspex cover to give the clock an industrial look.

I have modified Alan’s code to run on PICBasic Pro version 3. I have also added the following.

Switched display On and Off (keeping battery backup as per Alan’s design) but also allows me to turn meters Off in full power mode.

Synchronization to my Master Clock every 30 seconds

Synchronized LED & Re-Synch LED

Synchronization On & Off

Transistor meter drivers

Separate hourly Chime Circuit

Pulsed “tick tock” seconds sound.”


Voltmeter Clock Project_2


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3 Responses to “Voltmeter Clock Project”

  1. JD Says:

    No video of the clock working.. what a major fail.

  2. Tony Says:

    To be honest, a video of it working would look pretty much like a picture of it.

  3. Brett Says:

    There are 2 videos of the clock one showing the clock running from 11:59:55 to 12:00:32 including synchronization pulses at 30 and 60 seconds from the Master Clock and another showing fast running clock being synchronised at 60 secs by the Digital Master Clock.

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