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July 26, 2014

Arduino Go-Kart

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  Arduino Go-Kart_


This Arduino Go-Kart was built by who is a 15 year old inventor from California. Lots of LED lights on this thing is sure to make it light up great at night. It needs a push start to get it going but once it is rolling the thumb throttle will get it up to speed.


“The drive setup uses a Hobbywing Xerun 150A brushless electronic speed controller to control a Savox BSM5065 450Kv motor. Batteries are 3x zippy lithium polymer – 5 cells, 5000mah. The motor has two large fans I pulled out of an old computer for cooling, mounted right over the motor. The chain drive is a 1:10 overall ratio, using a 15 tooth on the motor chained to a 30 tooth on the jackshaft, and a 9 tooth from the jackshaft to a 45 tooth on the wheel. The tires are 10″ diameter so at 20 volts the top speed is around 30 mph. The ESC is controlled via PWM from the arduino. A throttle potentiometer on the steering wheel controls this. Constant current is around 40-50A, and the batteries last around 30 minutes with an average speed of 10-15mph.”


Arduino Go-Kart__1


Arduino Go-Kart__2