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June 25, 2014

Sparkfun’s 6th Annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition

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Sparkfun organized a day of Autonomous Vehicle fun at their Annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition.

Via: Hackaday

Ground Vehicle Classes

Each entrant will be classified by the judges as one of the following robot classes for their ground vehicle:

  • Micro/PBR – Less than $350 total spent, or small enough to fit into box that’s 10″x6″x4″
  • Doping Class – Bring the biggest, baddest and most expensive vehicle you can make ($1k+ or 25lbs+)
  • Non-Traditional Locomotion – Have a walker? A modified autonomous self-balancing pogostick, motorized hamster ball? This designation is for you.
  • Peloton – All remaining vehicles that don’t fit into any other class


Aerial Vehicle Classes

Your entry will fall into one of two categories for the aerial portion of the competition:

  • Fixed Wing – All traditional airplanes, or any vehicle with a fixed wing setup.
  • Rotating Wing – Quadcopters, helicopters, and other contraptions with rotating wings.”