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June 18, 2014

Samsung NX300 Camera Hack

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Samsung NX300 Camera Hack


When you think of rooting a device that lives in your pocket you will probably think of your smart phone. With the new Samsung NX300 Smart Camera you now have more pocket items to root. Lars shared this hack by Georg Lukas about Hacking the Samsung NX300 Camera and also rooting it.

“Experience shows that most firmware images provide an easy way to run a user-provided shell script on boot. This feature is often added by the “software engineers” during development, but it boils down to a local root backdoor. On a camera, the SD card would be a good place to search. Other devices might execute code from an USB flash drive or the built-in hard disk.

Usually, we have to start with the firmware update file (nx300.bin from this 241MB ZIP in our case), run binwalk on it, extract and mount the root file system and have our fun. In this case, however, the source archive from Samsung’s OSS Release Center contains an unpacked root file system tree in TIZEN/project/NX300/image/rootfs, so we just examine that:  make_image.log sounds like somebody forgot to clean up before shipping”


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2 Responses to “Samsung NX300 Camera Hack”

  1. Solarstorm Says:

    I actually just pointed this to you. 😀
    The actual credit for this goes to Georg Lukas (his actual name :)) I (Lars) just hinted you about it.

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Ok. Thanks for that clarification Lars. Thanks for the tip.

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