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June 11, 2014

Scratch Built Cargo Dropper RC Plane

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With a top speed of 58 MPH this Scratch Built Cargo Dropper RC Plane that ExperimentalAirlines built is no slouch. There is a video camera in the cargo bay so you can watch the cargo drop, there is also a camera mounted on the cargo so you can watch the cargo falling from the plane. Nice to see that the plane is primarily built from cheap foamboard and looks like it would hold up quite well.


“RC-69 Cargo Dropper. Constructed entirely of Dollar Tree foamboard and Depron. Weighs 1500g all-up without cargo. Twin motors with 1600g total static thrust.

length: 38″
wingspan: 45″
chord (total): 8″
chord (airfoil): 6″
flaps & ailerons: 2″ x 10″ each
wing leading edge: 10″ aft of nose
CG: 2 1/2″ aft of leading edge (30%)
fuselage: 5″ x 5″
horizontal stabilizer: 16″ x 7″(root chord)
vertical stabilizer: 9″ x 7″ (root chord)
motors: 8 1/2″ outboard of centerline
motors mounted 0-degree thrust line through upper 1/3 of camber
landing gear (tricycle): 2 1/4″
nose gear axle: 2″ aft of nose
main gear axle: 15″ aft of nose
empty weight: 1080g, 38oz
AUW: 1450g, 51oz”




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