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May 29, 2014

Electromagnetic Boots for Walking on the Ceiling

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Electromagnetic Boots for Walking on the Ceiling


There will come a time when you have too much electronic junk laying about ready to take apart such that you can’t easily walk around. The obvious solution is to make some Electromagnetic Boots for Walking on the Ceiling.

Via:  Hackaday

“The magnet shoes themselves are easy to make and i can see people trying this. The tricky part is walking upside down, the ropes which have switches on to release the foot you need to step with also provide a way of reaching your leg back up because unlike walking normally your feet are trying to go over your head and not onto the surface in front of you. I tried to not have these but as soon as you release one foot you pivot?swing backwards on the fixed shoe as your centre of gravity shifts, once this has happened your other leg is no longer long enough to step back down so you have to pull you whole body weight up on the one leg which is VERY HARD.”




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