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May 13, 2014

Wall Mounted Computer Chess Board Project

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Wall Mounted Computer Chess Board Project



If you like playing chess this Wall Mounted Computer Chess Board Project might be something that would be a good project to add to the list. It has a vintage chess game hacked into this hand made wall hung chess board.

Thanks to Artless Dodger for sending this in.

“Parts Needed

Working Fidelity Chess challenger 8 or 9
Power adapter 8v
Coin cell battry 3v
MDF 6mm board 410 by 710
Brown or black leather half square meter
White or cream leather half square meter
Cable straps (Thin)
Acrylic glass 10 * 400L *30mm Deep * 6MM thick (2 spare)
Leds , 3Vm blue and red,
30 cms fibre optic wire ,(you only need about 10 inches.) side glow or end glow is fine.
Kynar single core 30awg transfer wire,or equivalent 30awg stranded wire. various colours
Momentary push buttons (8mm pole)
Function Buttons (built in 3v Led blue)
KIT circuit
All purpose adhesive
Sheet plastic , thinner than credit card, thicker than paper, (think phone screen protector)
Wooden frame with interior opening 400 *700 and with a 5mm underlap. If you can only get 8mm underlap you’ll need to adjust size of the board”