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May 5, 2014

Sand Noise Device

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 sand noise device_2


 The Sand Noise Device looks almost magical in operation when you first have a look at it running. The system interacts with users placing small cylinders of light in different places on the interactive sand filled box. A computer watches how the users are interacting and displays interesting effects based on what the users do. The most interesting portion is that it has depth awareness which means that users can build hills and valleys which the system instantly reacts with. This is made possible with the ceiling mounted Kinect sensor.

Via: Make

 “The interface consists of a table height box filled with sand, a Microsoft Kinect (which provides an RGB camera and depth sensing capabilities), an overhead projector, and several internally lit tangible objects. The Kinect is used to track object position, object color, and sand topography. The projector is used to provide visual feedback. Sound is provided by a multi-channel loudspeaker system arranged around the box.”