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April 22, 2014

The Final Key – Hardware Password Manager

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Final Key - Hardware Password Manager


Passwords are a pain to keep on top of. The Final Key project is a Hardware Password Manager. It is based on an Arduino with a an EEPROM soldered onto the board. I am thinking that this needs to be a product that the masses can purchase at Best Buy.

Thanks for the tip Jim.

“The Final Key is a piece technology that solves a problem. The Final Key is a hardware password manager with encryption and focus on combining portability, compatibility security and easy of use. It is a hobbyproject of mine and not under any commercial distribution, you are also free to build your own clones if you like the idea. The Final Key is based around a 16 MHz Atmel ATmega3U4 microprocessor and 64 KiB of EEPROM for storage.
You connect to The Final Key using any serial terminal, and “triggers” the account you want to log into. Then you can focus the username/password field of the website/application you want to log into, and then you press the button and The Final Key acts as a keyboard and types your credentials directly into the receiving application.”

Final Key - Hardware Password Manager_2

April 20, 2014

Optical Mouse Video Output Hack

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The $5 mouse that you just tossed in the garbage might have had some hackable life still in it. As Conor Peterson shows us most optical mice are actually quite simply in operation with most of the hard work being done by the low resolution camera sensor. With a bit of Arduino code he was able to read out the serial image data directly from the mouse and display it on the monitor.


April 18, 2014

Funny Electrical Engineer Moments

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We have all had brain farts when working with electronics and blow stuff up or shock ourselves by accident. Mehdi Sadaghdar from ElectroBoom has made some great Funny Electrical Engineer Moments on video. I don’t think you will gain any useful information from the videos but that is not the point, they were obviously made for fun.


April 15, 2014

Re:Load Pro – Active DC Load

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 ReLoad Pro - Active DC Load 


The Re:Load Pro is an Active DC Load Kickstarter. It is almost at the goal so it looks like they will be made. If you have a need to load test power supplies and various other pieces of gear this might be just the thing for you. The price seems very good and the unit looks fantastic with that snazzy display.

 “The Re:load Pro’s features include:

  • Dissipate 25 watts continuously, or more for short periods. Even more with the forthcoming fan kit (see below!)
  • Handle up to 6 amps or 60 volts. Works right down to 0V, too!
  • Easy to use and intuitive user-interface.
  • Current adjustable with milliamp precision over the whole range.
  • Protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, ESD, and reverse polarity.
  • Power supplied over USB from either a computer or a USB charger.
  • Fully isolated USB interface. Your computer is isolated from any direct interaction with dangerous voltages and currents.
  • Fully controllable over USB, with monitoring functionality. You can use your computer to program in a profile!
  • Configurable display, showing voltage, current, power, resistance, and total energy dissipated.
  • Open Source, with a USB bootloader, so you don’t need expensive development tools if you want to make your own modifications. Firmware updates will be easy to install, too!”



ReLoad Pro - Active DC Load_2

April 13, 2014

Name the Thing Contest – 250

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The prize this week is an Arduino Pro Mini. This contest will run for one week (April 13 – 18, 2014). Ending time is based on central standard time. To enter, identify the item above and what it can be used for. Please note the image above is a side view of the thing.

Please do not give the answer in the comments.

Send an email to contest @ hackedgadgets.com with “Name the Thing Contest” as the subject, and the message body consisting of:

  • The name of the item in the above picture
  • An example of what the item pictured above can be used for

The winner will be chosen at random from all of the correct entries.


Added July 26, 2014

The item to guess was a Vintage Watchmaker Tool.

The winner is Jason D.. (there were 216 entries)


Below is a picture of the prize.


Arduino Solar Charge Controller

at 10:10 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Arduino Solar Charge Controller


deba168 from India designed and built this Arduino Solar Charge Controller to provide electrical power in areas where the grid can’t always provide power when needed. Code and schematics are provided so you can get some inspiration from the design.

 “At first the charge controller will check the solar panel voltage and compare it with battery voltage ,If it is greater then the Arduino will starts sending pulse width modulation(PWM) signals to the mosfet(Q1) in order to charge the battery .When the solar panel voltage was below the battery voltage ,this pwm signals will not send by Arduino .

Then next the micro controller will check the battery voltage ,if the battery voltage was below 6.96 v volts then the battery will be charged in boost mode ,that mean the battery will be charged with maximum amperage ,this boost mode of charging will be done by sending pulse width modulation signals with 95% duty cycle .

when the battery voltage reaches above 6.96V the charging mode will turn as absorption mode from boost mode ,this was done by changing the duty cycle from 95 % to 10%.This absorption mode will keep the battery fully charged.

A pulse will be send to the load mosfet(Q2) to enable the load during night ,if the battery was too low and reaches to 6.2v volts then in order to prevent deep discharge of the battery ,the load will disconnected.”


April 10, 2014

Corn Cob LED Reuse

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Corn Cob LED Reuse


If you have been looking at screw in LED lights you have no doubt seen the Corn Cob LED style. It it simply a ton of though hole LEDs mounted around the perimeter of a bulb housing. That is all fine and good and at a quick glance you probably can only think of it as a bulb replacement. Martin Raynsford did some out of the box thinking and took one apart to revile the 8 miniature LED panels that are mounted to the housing to create the bulb like lighting effect. Very often distributed light is what you want as opposed to a central light source, with the LED panels now removed installation of them in some ideal lighting locations was now quite easy.

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