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April 22, 2014

The Final Key – Hardware Password Manager

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Final Key - Hardware Password Manager


Passwords are a pain to keep on top of. The Final Key project is a Hardware Password Manager. It is based on an Arduino with a an EEPROM soldered onto the board. I am thinking that this needs to be a product that the masses can purchase at Best Buy.

Thanks for the tip Jim.

“The Final Key is a piece technology that solves a problem. The Final Key is a hardware password manager with encryption and focus on combining portability, compatibility security and easy of use. It is a hobbyproject of mine and not under any commercial distribution, you are also free to build your own clones if you like the idea. The Final Key is based around a 16 MHz Atmel ATmega3U4 microprocessor and 64 KiB of EEPROM for storage.
You connect to The Final Key using any serial terminal, and “triggers” the account you want to log into. Then you can focus the username/password field of the website/application you want to log into, and then you press the button and The Final Key acts as a keyboard and types your credentials directly into the receiving application.”

Final Key - Hardware Password Manager_2