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April 22, 2014

The Final Key – Hardware Password Manager

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Final Key - Hardware Password Manager


Passwords are a pain to keep on top of. The Final Key project is a Hardware Password Manager. It is based on an Arduino with a an EEPROM soldered onto the board. I am thinking that this needs to be a product that the masses can purchase at Best Buy.

Thanks for the tip Jim.

“The Final Key is a piece technology that solves a problem. The Final Key is a hardware password manager with encryption and focus on combining portability, compatibility security and easy of use. It is a hobbyproject of mine and not under any commercial distribution, you are also free to build your own clones if you like the idea. The Final Key is based around a 16 MHz Atmel ATmega3U4 microprocessor and 64 KiB of EEPROM for storage.
You connect to The Final Key using any serial terminal, and “triggers” the account you want to log into. Then you can focus the username/password field of the website/application you want to log into, and then you press the button and The Final Key acts as a keyboard and types your credentials directly into the receiving application.”

Final Key - Hardware Password Manager_2


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6 Responses to “The Final Key – Hardware Password Manager”

  1. Ty Tower Says:

    I thought to try the software on my linux box
    I get an error
    rxvt: “ai”: unknown or malformed option.
    rxvt-unicode (urxvt) v9.05 – released: 2008-06-15
    options: xft,styles,combining,blink,encodings=eu+vn,transparent,tint,XIM,frills,selectionscrolling,wheel,slipwheel,smart-resize,cursorBlink,pointerBlank,scrollbars=plain+rxvt
    Usage: rxvt [-help] [–help]
    [-display string] [-tn string] [-geometry geometry] [-C] [-iconic]
    [-cd string] [-/+rv] [-/+ls] [-/+j] [-/+ss] [-/+ptab] [-/+sb] [-/+sr] [-/+st]
    [-sbt number] [-/+si] [-/+sk] [-/+sw] [-/+ip] [-/+tr] [-tint color]
    [-sh number] [-/+ut] [-/+vb] [-/+tcw] [-/+insecure] [-/+uc] [-/+bc] [-/+pb]
    [-bg color] [-fg color] [-hc color] [-cr color] [-pr color] [-pr2 color]
    [-bd color] [-fn fontname] [-fb fontname] [-fi fontname] [-fbi fontname]
    [-/+is] [-im name] [-pt style] [-imlocale string] [-imfont fontname]
    [-name string] [-title string] [-n string] [-sl number] [-embed windowid]
    [-depth number] [-/+override-redirect] [-pty-fd fileno] [-/+hold] [-w number]
    [-b number] [-/+bl] [-lsp number] [-/+sbg] [-mod modifier] [-/+ssc] [-/+ssr]
    [-e command arg …]

  2. Ty Tower Says:

    This was before building the device and inseting it in the usb port. I have all the components but wanted to check the code first.
    I could not find a way to contact the designer/builder directly hence the post here.
    I should also mention the text editor box for comments here plays up in Seamonkey browser and I think thats related to the scripts running on this page . After every 4 th letter typed the find function is activated and focus moves to the find box so I had to type this elsewher and past it in one blob.

    Perhaps thats why you are not getting comments?

  3. Ty Tower Says:

    While I am at it, this downloaded software creates a script on your machine which you have to change permissions to allow to run and then run it . When you do that the script has four or so files that it creates on your machine and these are executeable binary files the contents of which are not disclosed as the hex is placed directly in each file from the script.

    No contact address of any sort is given so I am alerted by his own message “Trust no-one” This may very well be just a total scam to write executeable files to your computer.

    Has anybody actually had one of these operating yet or had similar results to me? I am going to find the installed files and switch off executeable permissions until I know more . That may already be too late !

  4. Ty Tower Says:

    Not much happening here atm. Clicking on the author takes you to his personal site and contact.

  5. Ty Tower Says:

    Either way he’s not responding to Comments or Emails.

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Sorry to hear you couldn’t get any reply from the creator.

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