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April 3, 2014

Thermometer and Hygrometer with Analog Displays

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Thermometer and Hygrometer with Analog Displays


 Kerry Wong built this Thermometer and Hygrometer with Analog Displays instead of the typical digital display.

 Via: Electronics Labs and Dangerous Prototypes

 “The circuit itself is as simple as it gets. SHT21 is mounted on a breakout board and connected to the ATMega328p board via ribbon cable. The sensor is placed at some distance away from the MCU board so that the measurement is not affected by the heat dissipated by the MCU and it’s surrounding circuitry. Because SHT21 operates at 3.3V, an MCP1700 regulator is used to provide 3.3V voltage to the sensor and the MCU. The servos I used are MG90s but you can pretty much use any servos you have on hand. The servos are powered via the pre-regulated 5V power supply and are attached to digital pin 9 and 10 on the Arduino board.”



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