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April 2, 2014

Nixie Bargraph Clock

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Nixie Bargraph Clock


This is a cool Nixie Bargraph Clock that has an hour and minute tube, the heights of the plasma in each tube indicates the time. There are some wires wrapped around the tubes so you can easily see what time it is without estimating.  The electronics are tucked out of sight in a box out of sight so when you are admiring the clock you don’t see the modern electronics which adds a nice touch of class. There are full details on the build so you could build your own, please note that since there is a Nixie tube in the project high voltages in the range of 140 volts are present making it a dangerous project if you are not careful.


Nixie Bargraph Clock_2


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One Response to “Nixie Bargraph Clock”

  1. Per Jensen Says:

    “out of sight in a box out of sight” Ehh, yep!

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