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March 13, 2014

Spy Camera Made with an Arduino Catches a Cubicle Thief

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I have worked in quite a few companies where the employees have a dedicated desk or work space, some had lockable drawers but in most cases everything was unlocked. I have never had any issues with things going missing but Youtube user RuthJ180 didn’t have the same experience as I did. In her case some of her fancy pens and change was going missing. A mini spy camera and an Arduino came to the rescue. You can see in the video above captures a bunch of random office stuff, but it also caught the lurking thief poking around where he had no business being. I can’t stand dishonest people, I hope he was turned in and fired.


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One Response to “Spy Camera Made with an Arduino Catches a Cubicle Thief”

  1. Eric Says:

    So … was this a co-worker, or one of the cleaning crew?

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