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March 12, 2014

Vintage Multimeter Teardown – Weston 6000

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_Vintage Multimeter Teardown - Weston 6000_6


Kuzyatech has acquired a a Weston 6000, Vintage Multimeter and performed a very detailed Teardown of the device. The meter looks very interesting but it sure isn’t the most ergonomic unit. It isn’t shown in the picture but the multimeter has the test lead jacks located on the right side of the body, that is a strange location but when you see how the fuse and batteries are replaced you will see why that is. The entire front lifts off to expose the battery compartments and the fuse. I guess when you are one of the first building something nothing is standard yet. You can see the hand drawn traces in this thing, this makes the board look like some artwork rather than a measuring device…