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March 2, 2014

DIY 100W LED Flashlight

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With high output LEDs falling in price it might finally be the time to add them into some inexpensive projects. Julian Ilett made a holder using a chunk of wood where a few power tool batteries can slide into. The LED is bolted to some metal which will allow it to run for some time but not long durations since the LED module does generate quite a bit of heat. Julian found that the internal resistance of the batteries was sufficient enough that he didn’t need any current limiting to safely operate the LED, this technique is similar to some coin cell flashlights that simply connect the LED across the output of a small battery with no safety circuitry. In the video below you can see the update of the flashlight, he went away from the dual power tool batteries in favor to a 12 volt power source and a boost converter. A much larger heat sink and a lens means that it is now getting closer to a usable flashlight and not just a freakish toy that will certainly temporarily blind onlookers. With a different lens I am thinking this could be converted into a Stun Ray Gun.