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February 27, 2014

iPhone Unlocks Door with the help of a Raspberry Pi a Wood Spoon and a Tea Cup

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Fabrizio Giordano used some items in his kitchen to allow him to remotely unlock his apartment door. When you are in an apartment you will quickly eat up your damage deposit if you start drilling holes for wires and screw things to the walls and doors. With a bit of tape and some wires hanging in some creative ways Fabrizio was able to mount his unlocking mechanism so that he can now use his phone to do some fancy remote unlocking. The taped on wooden spoon might look a bit unsightly but when you compare it to the professional method which usually involves cutting in a door strike into the frame of the door I think he selected the best method.


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5 Responses to “iPhone Unlocks Door with the help of a Raspberry Pi a Wood Spoon and a Tea Cup”

  1. Joe Says:

    That was pretty lame. If I knew that’s what little it took to get featured on HG, I’d have sent you my interface for turning my X10 track-lights on/off with an iPhone-ready web interface.

  2. Allan A. Says:

    Rube Goldberg would like this door contraption.

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    Lol Joe,

    Not every hack needs to take dozens of hours to inspire.

  4. lastchancename Says:

    And better still, it probably doesn’t unlock the door.
    You need to manipulate the locking button in the center of the knob on most lock-sets. But it does a good job of turning the knob – until the tape gives up… !

    I like it.

  5. Tony Says:

    So if you thump the door about where the servo is…

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