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February 25, 2014

Remote Flower Watering Project

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Remote Flower Watering Project_2


Lucy Matchett, Nicole Yi Messier, and Joselyn McDonald used Spacebrew to make this Remote Flower Watering Project. This fun little project uses a photoresistor to detect when a watering cup has been lifted off the base and sends this information to the remote unit, the remote unit then pours the water that has been prepared onto the plant using a small servo motor.The only issue is that someone on the remote side needs to full up the little cup so that it can be poured at some point, of course they could just pour it themselves at this point. I think a large vessel of water (something like a 2 liter pop bottle) that is connected with a solenoid valve would be an ideal upgrade, instead of pouring a small cup of water allow a metered dose of water to flow when activated. Of course the actual specific project is not the point, it is the building blocks that are learned by seeing the project are the useful part here!


Forget Me Not Remote Flower Watering from Joselyn Neon McDonald on Vimeo.


Remote Flower Watering Project


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