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February 22, 2014

DIY Solder Fume Extractor Built Into Electronic Workbench

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DIY Solder Fume Extractor


When working on your latest project you will eventually need to take it from breadboard to perf board. This is a fun step but unfortunately involves lots of smoke from the solder flux. There are lots of techniques to combat the smoke cloud, slowly blowing as you solder, holding your breath and turning away to breath, using a small fan to blow across your work and  fume extractors (sucking fan with a filter) just to name a few. Corgi-Tronics provides an example of a great DIY Solder Fume Extractor that he built into his latest bench design.  He used a bathroom exhaust fan to suck air through a 2.5 inch pipe which has a removable articulating end on it for accurate positioning. He is dumping the air at floor level 6 feet away but having a gate valve to allow direct outdoor venting would be a great update.