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February 15, 2014

Candle Powered Fan

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Candle Powered Fan


This Candle Powered Fan uses some small candles to heat one side of a TEC-module, this creates a voltage that will operate the fan. A CPU heatsink is used on the hot and cold side of the module and the result is enough power to spin a small DC fan.

Components used:
• CPU-cooler (cold side): Zalman CNPS5X (Base plate: 33x33mm)
• CPU-cooler (hot side): From an old PC (WxLxH=78x63x67mm)
• TEC-module: TEC1-07110T200 (30x30x3.3mm)
• DC Motor: 1,5-3V
• USB-fan (metal, only needed the fan)

• Thermal paste: Arctic MX-4
• A piece of wood
• Two pull springs
• Four M4 bolts and two M3 bolts
• Aluminum tubes (optional)”