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February 1, 2014

DIY 4 Channel Electronic Load

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DIY 4 Channel Electronic Load


Instead of keeping a dozen sizes of power resistors on hand to test your variety of power supplies an electronic load allows you to dial in the exact load you are looking for.  This DIY 4 Channel Electronic Load that gelbanana built allows you to connect a bunch of different items to load test at once. The cabinet is recycled and a custom cut piece of clear acrylic is used as the face plate. 

“Here’s my attempt to build a 4 ch electronic load. I’ll be using IRFP240 Nch mosfet. Each could dissipate 150w of heat @ 25°c.
Specs: Should be able to sink at least 5A per ch. Able to combine all 4 ch to aggregate into a single high current ch.”


DIY 4 Channel Electronic Load_2