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January 31, 2014

DIY Lab Power Supply

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DIY Lab Power Supply


Kerry Wong had a few huge heat sink kicking around, instead of selling them for scrap aluminum he decided to build some useful lab equipment. The first one went into the DIY Electronic Load and the second was used in his DIY Lab Power Supply.

DIY Lab Power Supply Build Details 1

DIY Lab Power Supply Build Details 2

DIY Lab Power Supply Build Details 3

 “The voltage/current setting resolution and accuracy are largely determined by the quality of the voltage reference and DAC used. Given the 12-bit DAC I used, the voltage adjustment resolution is roughly 7.3mV and the current adjustment resolution is roughly 2.4mA. Of course, you can always use higher resolution DACs (e.g. 16 bit) to obtain even finer adjustment resolutions. But for typical use, 12-bit resolution is more than enough and it gives you the best bang for the buck. The INL/DNL error from DAC can be calibrated and corrected in software, which makes the voltage/current setting even more accurate.”



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