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January 21, 2014

RumbleRail – Floppy Disk Jukebox

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 If you still have a few floppy drives left over after making your Floppy Drive CNC machine have a look at making some music by making a Floppy Disk Jukebox!

 “The overall setup is completly modular. Each floppy is connected to its own floppy driver (rrfdc), which in turn speaks I²C with the main board (rrcmd). On power-on the main board auto-discovers the connected floppies and adjusts the software to utilize the available drives. In theory the amount of floppies connected to RumbleRail is only limited by I²C address/bus restrictions.

The most important feature of RumbleRail is the ability to run standalone. After being powered-on, the main board scans the hotswapable SD card (rrsdc) and lists its content on the display. The user can browse through the selection using the rotary encoder and, once a song is selected, the main board decodes the MIDI file and streams the notes to the floppy drivers.”




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One Response to “RumbleRail – Floppy Disk Jukebox”

  1. Light Says:

    So you can listen to 1/3 of a song at a time?

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