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January 16, 2014

The Confectionary Cannon – Face Tracking Marshmallow Shooting Gun

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 The Confectionary Cannon - Marshmallow Shooting Gun


Forrest Bourke, Saarth Mehrotra, Michael Searing and Elliott Wyse from Olin College of Engineering built an interesting project called The Confectionary Cannon, it is a Face Tracking Marshmallow Shooting Gun! It uses air pressure which is released by a sprinkler valve to launch marshmallows to their victim using face tracking to get it done.

Via: OhGizmo and Hack a Day

 “After sketching out a few initial designs, we designed the entire system in Solidworks. Most of the parts are acrylic, which we chose primarily for its cost and ease of laser-cutting. Acrylic isn’t very strong and is quite brittle, but it’s less than a third the cost of acetyl (Delrin). The three aluminium parts were made from shop scrap.”