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January 7, 2014

CNC Macnine built using Floppy Drives

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Richard Harris made a low cost micro CNC machine that uses old floppy drives for the movement. The video above is 10 in the series, if you would like to build you own you will need to start from video 1 which is here. It won’t do anything big, but what do you want for a machine built from parts that would normally be tossed out?




Youyou has this interesting one that also uses floppy drives but is crazy fast. When you initially look at the movement it looks very sloppy but have a look at the letters it is printing, they are well formed and printed at lightning speed! Very impressive.




Love the motor noise of this one, the steppers are sure music to my ears. This design looks very stable and usable.




This one was built by Chris Hellyar using some 5 1/4 inch Teac floppy drives, too bad there isn’t any audio on this one…




This micro CNC machine uses some floppy and CD Rom parts. MarioTheModder used a computer running DOS to bring this thing to life. He has an interesting dot design which is made using a marker that simply bangs the paper where it is needed to make a tiny ink dot.




If you like the rumbling and grumbling of steppers this is the one for you! JRFrain Has a complex drive system for this design, the indicator lighting on his control board look like they would come in handy when troubleshooting. 




In this one yoopeek used lots of off the shelf parts to drive the home made floppy drive CNC machine. You can see Mach 3 is being used to bring it to life. The results are crisp and quick!




This design looks like it was done in a similar way to many of the others. The result is also quite accurate, I am thinking that the speed to be increased quite a bit more that this though.