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December 28, 2013

Electric Scooter MK-1 Build Log

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_Electric Scooter MK-1 Build Log_3


Check out the Electric Scooter MK-1 Build Log, Dane from transistor-man.com has done some cold weather testing and it looks like it works quite well!

“The electrical layout for the MK 1 scooter is fairly straightforward. Everything starts from the 12S 4p cylindrical battery module. A Cooper Bussman 120A circuit breaker sits between the battery and the rest of the scooter. Note that, while there are a number of DC circuit breakers out there, VERY few actually tolerate vibrations. I found this out the hard way when I started using [link]. The first hint of vibration and the breaker tripped, which, made it fairly hard to use. The headlight I chose is a fairly awesome 30W led setup with a 30 degree beam path. It has an onboard dc/dc, but unfortunately its max input voltage is 30V. I used a 40W dc/dc to bring the module voltage back down to 12v DC, which is useful for driving the LED assembly as well as 12v accessories (if I opt for adding a sealed 12v cigarette lighter outlet). Finally a linear regulator feeds the 5v logic for the three phase sensorless controller and throttle assembly.  “





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5 Responses to “Electric Scooter MK-1 Build Log”

  1. mike Says:

    Woah, that snow-scooter looks incredibly fast!

  2. nancy Says:

    That is a ridiculously detailed build report

  3. ChalkBored Says:

    If you made the part of the frame that the battery sits in a little taller, you could extend the cover past the rear wheel and have a large platform to stand on that also doubles as the rear fender.

  4. Jeff Says:

    I’m pretty sure I’d kill myself on that thing, but at least they documented it well!

  5. d3v14n7 Says:

    This looks insanely fun, I used to have one of those huge, old scooters when I was a kid…

    They should build a snowmobile like studded track for the snow scooter’s rear wheel, they could at least tackle deeper snow as well as gain MUCH more traction… All in all, great and insanely well detailed build…

    Well done!

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