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December 26, 2013

Infrared Eye-Tracking Computer Mouse

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Infrared Eye-Tracking Computer Mouse


This Infrared Eye-Tracking Computer Mouse uses some interesting methods of creating a eye controlled computer mouse. The intent is the you would be able to ditch the desk mouse and simply put on a pair of glasses. The system would be a self contained battery operated system that doesn’t have you tethered to your computer with a cable.

“We have a pair of 3-D printed glasses with plastic lenses. These lenses have holes drilled into them to mount thru-hole infrared LEDs and phototransistors. The emitter is positioned above the eye and emits IR light, which is reflected off of the eye into the phototransistors below the eye. We also have a small gyroscope breakout board in the center of our glasses above the bridge, which will detect head movements in three axes of rotation. All of these glasses-mounted components are connected to a microcontroller, which parses the LED and gyroscope data into USART packets and transmits it wirelessly. The packets are read by a wireless receiver on a separate ATMega1284P board, which moves the mouse cursor using a Java program based on the information received.”



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