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December 21, 2013

Weiser and Kwikset Smart Key Insecurities

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In the average year I need to change 5 or 6 sets of locks. My usual practice is to purchase an inexpensive lock from the local hardware store and simply toss out the original lock and install a new one. This is normally cheaper and faster than having the locks re-keyed. The old lock can also be used in less secure locations if desired. I was thinking it might be worth while to invest in a smart lock such as the  Kwikset Smart Key. In Canada they are branded Weiser but both were owned by Black and Decker so their smart locks are the same item under two names. Funny thing is they have a video that boasts how safe they are since they can’t be opened with a bump key.

The in store demonstrations look great and I can imagine how simple it would be to just walk into a locksmith and have him make 10 or 20 keys with a variety of random patterns so that a re-key of a lock would be as simple as tossing the original keys, taking a new random one and programing it in the lock. Turns out while this technology looks awesome, the actual lock mechanism is a piece of garbage. I was looking for some information on how the actual lock system worked and was able to be re-keyed. I didn’t find this information (If you have a link, please share!) but what I did find was how insecure this poor excuse for a lock actually is.

 I am not saying that the average lock is much of a defense against someone who wants to defeat it since on occasion I have had the need to get through a lock that was changed without my permission. I have never attempted to pick a lock but I have never spent more than 2 or 3 minutes with a nice powerful drill and a decent drill bit.

The marketing video above looks fantastic, how could you go wrong with such an innovative product? Then when you see the videos below you will see how terrible the lock actually is… Too bad Kevo is built on top of this crappy platform.

 UPDATE: Thanks to Dave who provided this link that describes how the lock works. Shane Lawson also created a method of decoding the lock, this video has been entered as the last video below.









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6 Responses to “Weiser and Kwikset Smart Key Insecurities”

  1. Dave Says:

    Have a look at this site for some information on the working principles of this lock


  2. Jeff Says:

    Hmmm. I’ve got a few of this. I guess I’ll be reevaluating this lock.

  3. Tim Says:

    I am so glad I didnt buy one of these.

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks for the link Dave. Interesting design, too bad it is flawed.

  5. d3v14n7 Says:

    I had no idea these locks were so terrible… Good thing I didn’t buy into them when I wanted to replace the locks at my new place…

  6. Abdo Chaundla Says:

    I used to work for a locksmith company in Canada, and we were told to speak lowly of Weiser (Kwikset) because they could rekey the keys themselves rather than paying us. All the videos are 100% fake and staged by greedy locksmiths. Weiser (Kwikset) are the safest locks you can get

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