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December 19, 2013

Microcontroller based Useless Machine

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 Microcontroller based Useless Machine  useless_machine_arduino_controlled


We have seen a bunch of useless machines in the past but this Microcontroller based Useless Machine is a lot more fun since unlike the original versions there are almost endless possibilities on what will happen when the switch is toggled. Rest assured the machine will turn it off, but how it will go about doing it will chance every time! With the clicks and knocks as it starts up and what seems to be a shy arm at other times is hilarious. An ATMGEGA 328P waits till an interrupt is fired when the switch is thrown and uses two servo motors to get the job of switching the switch back off. One servo can open the hatch and the other controls the arm that turns the box back off. Of course this switch isn’t controlling power to the project but rather just switching an input on the controller. I wonder if there was a decent sized capacitor onboard if the switch could actually turn off power and use the remaining charge to move the servos back to the default position before the power drained?