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December 8, 2013

DIY Glue Gun Build

at 11:42 am. Filed under DIY Hacks


Ben Heck uses glue guns alot to put things together. They sure do a good job of quick and dirty strain relief and fixing things in place quickly. With a bit of heat from a big fat soldering iron (one that isn’t used for soldering wires) you can easily release things that were previously glued together. The main part of the DIY glue gun is the heating chamber, Ben took this part out of a real glue gun so he didn’t have to build his own. Not sure if he took this part form an expensive model since I found that cheaper ones take a long time to heat up. Ben installed a variable speed trigger on the unit but I think a simple button to activate it and a variable speed potentiometer would have been a better idea. This would allow the user to dial in the flow speed of glue and simply pull the trigger to activate, you would be guaranteed a steady continuous rate of flow without having to concentrate on how much you are pulling the trigger. This would be an easy modification to the existing design since a microcontroller is in the mix doing the work. The slurp back was a great addition to the design since this prevents the gun from dripping on your table after it sits for awhile.