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December 6, 2013

MakiBox – What happens when you offer a $200 3D Printer

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MakiBox - What happens when you offer a $200 3D Printer


We featured the MakiBox here before, taking about their inexpensive 3D printer (still the cheapest as far as I know). They have two models, one that goes for $200 and one that goes for $300. So what happens to your company when you offer a hot product at this kind of price? You get lots of orders and need to ramp up very quickly. They have a number of posts on their site showing how they are dealing with their growing pains. The one big advantage is that they are located in Hong Kong allowing them to throw a ton of people at the problem which you will see in the video, I don’t think this could be produced in North America for the same price when you need this kink of staffing to keep the gears cranking. I would have thought that one day after hiring a huge crew of people there would be mass chaos but they must have had one hell of an orientation day because everyone seems to be working at a furious pace. I guess it helps when they know they are being recorded for a blog post…




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5 Responses to “MakiBox – What happens when you offer a $200 3D Printer”

  1. Parmin Says:

    Was excited to be able to order one a few months ago with a promise to get a Makibox delivered within 8 weeks.
    Sadly have to ask for a refund, after waiting for 12 weeks.
    It seems that they have problems after problems that continually delay deliveries.
    IMHO they have taken too big a bite than they can chew.
    If you read their forum you would see that a lot of their customers have starting to ask for refunds due to non delivery too.

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Parmin,

    Sorry to hear that. They are obviously trying hard but as you mention it might have grown much larger and faster than they were prepared for. I saw quite a few blog comments that were similar to what you mentioned but there are always a bunch of vocal haters so I figured that might be the case here… I guess it might be best to wait till the assembly and shipping bugs are worked out before orders are placed.

  3. Scott M. Says:

    Big thanks to Alan for announcing this product months ago. A $300 3D printer? Are you kidding? I was headed to order one right away but after reading there blog, it looked like a good idea to wait until most of the issues got worked out. They really should have seen this coming. If you announce a $200 3D printer, the whole world is going to swarm to get one.

  4. Theone Says:

    You… really need to do a follow up story on this. Makibox is all but over.

  5. MakiBox 3D Printer Dead? - Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] the MakiBox 3D printer) is going through some hard times. About 6 months ago we saw that they were ramping up production capacity due to the high demand for their $200 3D printer. It is hard to see a company that had such good intentions go through this struggle but people, […]

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