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November 10, 2013

Rechargeable Waterproof Bottle Lamp

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 Rechargeable Waterproof Bottle Lamp_2


When the power fails you could look for the candles that are tucked away in the kitchen drawer, but why not have a Rechargeable Waterproof Bottle Lamp on standby? ASCAS mounted a charging jack and switch to the lid of a medium sized jar, this is connected to a battery and a 3 watt LED. A small 5mm red LED is used to indicate when it is charging and simply flipping the switch turns on the powerful 3 watt LED providing tons of light output. There isn’t much for circuit safety here since this is just a quick and dirty project but as ASCAS mentions it would be best to charge the battery using a proper charger that will prevent it from dangerously over charging and it would also be a good idea to drive the 3 watt LED from a constant current source to prevent it from burning out from accidental over voltage.



Rechargeable Waterproof Bottle Lamp_1