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November 6, 2013

DIY Webradio – RadioduinoWRT

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DIY Webradio - RadioduinoWRT_0016


Raffael Herrmann from en.code-bude.net stuffed the guts of his RadioduinoWRT project into an old piece of stereo equipment. Inside the box he has about $100 worth of electronics including a WRT router, an Arduino Mega and an ethernet module. The result is a great looking component that can stream internet radio without having to keep a computer running to play it.

“Once the basic idea to build a web radio myself was fixed, I thought about the components to be installed. So initially I also included a Raspberry Pi to discussion. Finally, I have decided on a combination of the TP-Link WR703N router (about which I have already reported several times in my blog) and an Arduino Mega.

This decision had several reasons – first, I had both the router and the Arduino still in my parts box and on the other I wanted to implement the project as cheap as possible and on minimal hardware. Certainly a realization with a Raspberry Pi would have been possible, but this would have been more expensive than the TL-WR703N and the Arduino Mega together. Furthermore the hardware of the Raspberry is almost “oversized” for the project requirements.”



DIY Webradio - RadioduinoWRT_0005