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October 19, 2013

Quadrotor with Machine Gun

at 1:48 am. Filed under Insane Equipment


We saw a Hexacopter Delivery Platform yesterday. If your RC vehicle is flying in an environment that is a bit more hostile why not implement a few of these Machine Gun Quadrotors. With a few of these able to step in when enforcement was needed I don’t think anyone would be messing with the delivery of books.


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11 Responses to “Quadrotor with Machine Gun”

  1. Kris Lee Says:

    After he destroyed the quad-copter I started to pay more attention to the details. Have you considered that these are visual effects you are seeing?

  2. dave96z34 Says:

    I didn’t see any mag on the gun looked like it was just shooting pellets at best.

  3. Leonard Says:

    This one has been around. It is fake. Well done tho, and fun. Great pyrotechnics, however, not real.

  4. Felipe La Rotta Says:

    It’s pure CGI guys!!!

  5. Nanex Says:

    Nice fake

  6. MrMaigo Says:

    faked, guy has too much money for blowing on youtube

  7. spiderwebby Says:

    Old CGI is old.
    Notice how it’s got a serious lean on while it’s hovering, that and nobody bothers with tiltrotor quads.

  8. m1ndtr1p Says:

    It’s fake, it’s nothing but visual effects…

  9. wizardpc Says:

    This was a cgi promo for a video game. Like his russian accent, its not real.

  10. Biran Says:

    I was really disappointed when I saw this on the front page today. Cmon guys lol.

  11. Rdzombie Says:

    Im calling BS, totally CG, movements are incorrect

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