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October 18, 2013

Flirtey – Autonomous Hexacopter Delivery Platform

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 Flirtey - Autonomous Hexacopter Delivery Platform_2


If you are in Australia don’t look to the street for your package delivery, look to the sky! A company called Flirtey is developing a  robust hexacopter drone that will be able to fly autonomously from warehouse to your current location in minutes carrying your purchases. To start they will be delivering books from Zookal, a textbook rental service. To use the service you would select the book you desire on your smart phone and a Flirtey will be dispatched to your location based on the GPS  of your phone. You grab your package and the Flirtey returns to base. This idea sounds possible but I think it still has a long way to go. What happens when the Flirtey doesn’t return home because some hacker wanted it to make a copter of his own? It sounds like they are building a ton of redundancy into the platform to allow for flight with a missing prop and one failed battery but eventually it will come crashing to earth and hit someone on the head. What is going to happen then?

Here is hoping we see lots of these things flying around all everywhere but I think it will be a challenge.

Via: OhGizmo and TechCrunch




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3 Responses to “Flirtey – Autonomous Hexacopter Delivery Platform”

  1. Tony Says:

    I’m Australian, and apart from the obligatory “What’s a book, old timer?” current laws lead to “Good luck with that, fella’s”.

    The CASA rules are similar to that of the FAA; a couple of points of note are you must keep 30 metres (100 feet) away from people (rather tricky in a city), and line-of-sight flying only. If you can see the person you’re delivering it to, you might as well walk over and hand the book to them.

    Last update to the rules was 2002, with another expected ‘soon’. ‘Soon’ is not 2014.

    Can we have underground pneumatic tubes again? They were cool.

  2. Jamie Says:

    It is a really neat idea, and I think that’s why people keep coming back to it (someone in the US wanted to deliver burritos with hexacopters a couple years ago). For as much novelty as it has, it just isn’t practical :/ The equipment is expensive, inefficient, and high risk compared to a courier.

  3. JJ Says:

    FAA does not allow “Commercial Use” of any type of copter/UAV. However, if you are a “hobbyist” its ok. My issue is once you start making $ that makes it fine-able?

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