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October 15, 2013

6 Axis 3D Printer

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One common theme amongst 3D printers is that most of them print layer by layer. The printing is normally started on a flat build platform and grows from there. This is limiting though since with this limitation you would not be able to do things such as build a design around a curved platform or on an irregular surface. This 6 Axis prototype 3D printer changed that by giving the depositing head freedom to move in 6 axis of motion. Of course this would increase the complexity of the printer and the end cost but could this be where all 3D printers are in 5 years? I have heard that some of the basic 3D printers with the standard flat stage and XY print movement can be a pain to calibrate, I wonder how much more dificult it would be to calibrate a 6 axis system?

Via: Hackaday


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  1. rallen Says:

    Nice Stewart Platform!

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