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October 1, 2013

Halloween Zipper Effect

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  Halloween Zipper Effect_7


One of the scariest effects for Halloween is the zipper effect, these effects are a bit creepy so you might want to skip them if this is something that freaks you out. This effect is where you can see a zipper partially unzipped so that when the makeup is completed it looks like your skin is being zipped open! You can see some picture examples and a few instruction videos below. I think a great addition to the effect would be some sort of electronic controlled pump that inflated and deflated a small air bladder that would puff some of the skin or cause a cut to open slightly. If you have made one let us see it by linking to it in the comments.






Halloween Zipper Effect_1


Halloween Zipper Effect_2


Halloween Zipper Effect_3


Halloween Zipper Effect_4


Halloween Zipper Effect_5


Halloween Zipper Effect_6